Perfect Imperfections

Most people try to conceal their imperfections. Society has hammered into our heads that we are to be perfect( or at least hold the facade that we are). We all fail to be perfect because, alas we are human! But what we are missing is the fact that what we perceive as a intrinsic flaw maybe the thing that someone holds dear about you.

Ever notice when you are at a store or browsing through a catalogue, if something is hand made it has a little caveat stating” Item may be have slight imperfections due to the nature of being hand made” But that is why we love hand made products, because they are unique!

All I am saying, is instead of expending countless amounts of energy concealing our “imperfections” we should treat them as we would a rare handmade scarf, or handcrafted furniture.( or any other rare treasure that comes to your mind) Celebrating its little imperfections as a showcase for being different.

So I am going to end this entry on something I say to myself whenever I get sucked into trying to be perfect…
I am perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly okay.

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