Swaying Treetops

Today was a bad pain day… good thing I get my spine injection tomorrow. You would not think that someone would look forward to this but the relief is so worth it. I get them every three months and it allows me to function and get around with lower grade pain. Hey any relief is good right? Pain does not always come in physical form for me , but today was definitely it.

But I digress, the title of this post is a poem I wrote for my dear friend Jandaya when she took her life June 2003. She always kept her pain silent. She is one of the reasons I decided to try my hand at blogging again. She would always tell me how cathartic it was to have one. I wish there was a way to have kept her blog.


This is a picture of the beautiful bird she was named after: The Jandaya Conurejenday-in-flight-avian-resources

Swaying Treetops

The wind seems to speak
Verses of poetry
As it careens through
The swaying treetops

There flies a beautiful bird
That shares your name
See how zephyrs bring her
To insurmountable heights

Now I cannot see atop
Of these esoteric trees
From where I stand
Way down by their roots

One day I can only hope to see
My beautiful bird one again
When we are soaring with the wind
Above the swaying treetops


Love you ❤  My sweet angel.

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